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The Alcor Life Extension Foundation or just Alcor is an American nonprofit organization that conducts cryopreservations and cryonics research. Its facility is currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. Alcor publishes the Cryonics magazine.

Alcor was founded by Fred and Linda Chamberlain as the Alcor Society for Solid State Hypothermia in California in 1972. It was named after Alcor, a star that had just the right brightness that it was used as a test for clear vision.[1] Alcor moved from Fullerton, California to Riverside, California in 1987, and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1994.[1]

As of 2022, Alcor uses the SST providers International Cryomedicine Experts and Suspended Animation, Inc. for cases outside its resident state of Arizona; within the state its in-house team is normally used for all services.[2] Alcor strongly encourages members who are terminally ill to relocate to cooperative hospice facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona.[3] In 2022, upon asking Alcor via email regarding what hospices they have a cooperative history with, Alcor mentioned Hospice of the Valley and Seasons Hospice.[4] As of January 2022, Alcor had cryopreserved its 190th patient,[5] and as of April 2022, Alcor had 1,412 members.[1]


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