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Emil Kendziorra, Max Marty, and Daniel Walters discussing the importance and development of the cryonics community

Biostasis2021 was a conference that was held on October 22–23, 2021, with an optional visit to the EBF Research Facility on October 24.[1] It was organized by the European Biostasis Foundation and hosted by Emil Kendziorra.[1] The conference was held at the Careum Auditorium in Zurich, Switzerland,[1] and was also streamed on YouTube. Over 50 people attended on site.[2]

The previous conference, Biostasis2020, was held online in October 2020.[3] The next conference, Biostasis2022, was held in October 2022.


Day 1[edit]

  • Dr. Emil Kendziorra: Opening Remarks
  • Peter Tsolakides: Recent Cryonics Developments in Australia
  • Aaron Drake: East Meets West: Expanding Cryonics to the Global Market
  • Dr. Ramón Risco: Experimental Evidence of Return to Life with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
  • Jordi Sandalinas: Adoption of Minimum Standards in the European Union to Allow Legal Effectiveness of Cryopreservation Procedures and Transportation
  • Michael Benjamin: Preliminary Results from the Alcor Meta-Analysis Project
  • Jacob Hoekstra: From Concepts to Capabilities
  • Dr. Max More: Alcor Advancing: Research, Procedures, Communications
  • Daniel Walters and Max Marty: Panel: The State of The Cryonics Community

Day 2[edit]

  • Dr. Roman Bauer: The Future of Cryopreservation: Computational Approaches and Automatisation
  • Dr. José Luis Cordeiro: Cryonics in Spain, Portugal and Latin America
  • David Wood: Scenarios for the Future of Biostasis: Good, Bad, and Vital
  • Dr. Emil Kendziorra
  • Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães: Ways Forward in Cryopreservation, Including Marketing and Outreach
  • Rafael Hostettler: How to Make a Full Comeback: Strategies for Wealth Management While in Cryostasis
  • Eric Vogt: The ABCs and XYZs of SST
  • Robert McIntyre: Pre/Post Mortem Considerations for Effective Brain Preservation
  • Aschwin de Wolf: Improving Cryonics Case Outcomes


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