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Bredo Morstøl

Bredo Olsen Morstøl[1] (February 28, 1900 – legal death November 6, 1989)[2] was a Norwegian citizen who was brought to the United States for cryopreservation by his grandson Trygve Bauge.[3] Morstøl was initially kept at the Trans Time facility, but in 1993 Bauge brought Morstøl's body to Bauge's mother (Morstøl's daughter) Aud's home in the town of Nederland, Colorado and stored him in a shed in the backyard under dry ice.

When Bauge was deported from the United States in 1994 for overstaying his visa, his mother was evicted and the authorities discovered Morstøl and Al Campbell in the shed. The resulting nationwide media coverage eventually turned into the yearly Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration in Nederland, first started in 2002. For March 2023, the festival moved to Estes Park, Colorado.

Bo Shaffer, also known as The Iceman, was the CEO of a local company called Delta Tech which was contracted to supply dry ice to the shed. Shaffer was the caretaker of the shed from 1995 to 2012.[4] Later caretakers included Jane Curtis Gazit and her partner Michael Wooten, Brad Wickham, and Bradley Banta.[4][5]

Since late August 2023, Morstøl has been kept in liquid nitrogen at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado in cooperation with the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.[6]


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