Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation

Not to be confused with the CryoCare Foundation.

The Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation or just Cryo-Care was an American company that manufactured cryocapsules and cryopreserved people for cosmetic reasons, though the cryonics issue did naturally arise.[1] It was founded by Ed Hope in Phoenix, Arizona in 1965.[1][2]

The Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation building on Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona

Cryo-Care did not use cryoprotectants or perfusion with their patients but only did straight freezes to liquid nitrogen temperature.[1] Cryo-Care cryopreserved four people in the 1960s: "Sarah Gilbert", Louis Nisco, Eva Schulman, and Donald Kester Sr. Eventually they all thawed out.[1] For a few years, Cryo-Care also took care of James Bedford, who was eventually transferred to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, where he remains to this day.[3]

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