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Not to be confused with the Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation.

The CryoCare Foundation or just CryoCare is an American nonprofit cryonics organization that conducted cryopreservations in the 1990s through its sister organizations.[1] It was founded in 1993, when, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation undergoing a schism, about 50 Alcor members left Alcor to join and form CryoCare.[2][3][4]

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CryoCare did not conduct cryopreservations and long-term care directly, but handled these operations through sister organizations: BioPreservation provided the SST services and CryoSpan provided the long-term care.[2] CryoCare cryopreserved two people: James Gallagher in December 1995[5] and Henrietta Popper in May 1996.[6] They were transferred to Alcor on January 24, 2001.[7]

In 1996, Ben Best became the vice president (in addition to his duties as secretary),[8] and in 1999 he became the president.[4] Other presidents include Brenda Peters, Charles Platt, and Brian Wowk.[3][9][10]

CryoCare published the CryoCare Report newsletter from 1994 to 1997.[11] In 1999, CryoCare notified its members that they could not continue to provide cryonics coverage.[2]

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