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Not to be confused with the American Cryonics Society.
The Osiris logo

Cryonics America (until November 2021[1] as Osiris Back to Life LLC, Osiris Cryonics, or just Osiris) is a for-profit[2] cryonics organization located in Miami, Florida, United States.[3] It was founded by Dvir Derhy and his wife Limor Derhy in 2015.[4][5][6] Conducting whole-body preservations,[7] the Osiris facility began operating in November 2016.[6][2] The company was named after Osiris, an Egyptian god of the afterlife.[6]

According to Dvir Derhy, the company had four patients and 31 members as of January 2020.[8] According to Matan Derhy, the company has six patients as of 2023.[9]


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