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Cryonics Germany is a nonprofit[1] organization that was founded in 2015.[2] Cryonics Germany offers SST services in Germany and near it,[3] for people who have signed up with the Cryonics Institute or the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.[4] Cryonics Germany also has its own long-term care facility for neuropreservation patients, and they offer it for free.[5] For legal reasons, they store only the brain (without the skull), and possibly the spinal cord.[3]

So far, the Cryonics Institute is the only long-term care provider that Cryonics Germany has done SST for.[3] In February 2019, CI-174, a German whole-body patient, was perfused by Cryonics Germany.[6] He was placed in dry ice and was transported to the United States.[6] There he was cryopreserved by the Cryonics Institute, becoming CI's 174th patient.[6] In August 2020, Cryonics Germany perfused CI-191 in Austria[3] and sent him to CI.[7] In January 2021, Cryonics Germany perfused Peter Gouras in Germany and sent him to CI.[8] In July 2022, Cryonics Germany perfused CI-230 in Germany and sent her to CI.[9]


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