Cryonics Society of New York

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The Cryonics Society of New York (CSNY) was a nonprofit organization incorporated on July 13, 1965.[1] It was founded by Harold Costello, Curtis Henderson, Saul Kent, James Sutton, and Karl Werner.[2] CSNY became the first organization to use the word "cryonics" in its name,[3] Werner having coined the term.[4]

CSNY cryopreserved seven people in 1968–1974: Steven Mandell, Andrew Mihok, Ann DeBlasio, Paul Hurst, Herman Greenberg, Clara Dostal, and Michael Baburka Sr.[5] Eventually they all thawed out.[5] However, CSNY did not take direct responsibility for thawing a patient, but physical custody was transferred first, usually to a relative, or the relatives no longer wanted to make payments.[5]

CSNY published two newsletters: Cryonics Reports (later Immortality)[6] and The Immortalist's Notebook.[7]

Beverly Greenberg, CSNY's vice president died in November 1973, and shortly thereafter CSNY ceased to function.[7]