Donald Kester Sr.

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Donald Kester Sr.

Donald Kester Sr. (legal death in July 1968)[1] was the fourth and last person cryopreserved by the Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation.[1][note 1] He lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[2] He committed suicide by shooting himself.[2]

"Some time afterwards" relatives made the decision to have him frozen, and made the necessary arrangements with Cryo-Care.[2] His son, Donald Kester Jr., a psychology professor at Chabot Junior College in Hayward, California, had the primary responsibility for funding the preservation.[2] By late 1969, he decided he had been "suckered" on the hope that his father might one day be restored to life.[2] He retrieved the capsule, had a local welding shop extricate the body and had the thawed body shipped back to New Mexico for burial.[2]


  1. The others were "Sarah Gilbert", Louis Nisco, and Eva Schulman.