Emil Kendziorra

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Emil Kendziorra

Emil Fritz Kendziorra[1] (born January 18, 1986)[2] is a German physician (M.D.), entrepreneur, and cryonicist. He is the founder and CEO of Tomorrow Biostasis and the Chairman of the Board of the European Biostasis Foundation.[3]

He graduated summa cum laude in medicine from University Medical Center Göttingen, one of the leading medical schools in Germany, with a doctoral degree in translational cancer research.[4] He has been the CEO of multiple tech and medical companies, including the digital health provider Medlanes.[4]

Kendziorra hosted the Biostasis2020,[5] Biostasis2021, and Biostasis2022 conferences. He is a signatory of the Scientists' Open Letter on Cryonics, having signed it on April 25, 2023.[6]


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