James Bedford

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James Bedford in about 1949

James Hiram Bedford (April 20, 1893 – legal death January 12, 1967) was an American psychology professor at the University of California, and the first person in the world who was cryopreserved in the hope of future revival. After the cryopreservation in 1967, Bedford had previously been cared for by three different companies under supervision of his family, until the Alcor Life Extension Foundation assumed the care of him in the 1980s. He remains in Alcor today.

Bedford is a whole-body preservation patient. Dante Brunol, Robert Nelson, and Robert Prehoda were among those who participated in Bedford's cryopreservation.

Bedford's cryopreservation occurred on January 12, 1967. For that reason, January 12 is celebrated as an unofficial holiday, known as James Bedford Day, among cryonicists.

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