James Gallagher

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James Gallagher in 1988

James L. Gallagher[1] (1940? – legal death December 12, 1995)[1] is the first person cryopreserved by the CryoCare Foundation.[1] He was a 55-year-old software developer from Sunset Beach, California.[1]

Gallagher contacted CryoCare after being informed he was terminally ill.[1] At the beginning of December 1995, he became increasingly oxygen dependent.[1] He decided to have his life support terminated and get cryopreserved.[1] On December 12, 1995, at approximately 22:50, he discontinued oxygen.[1] He experienced cardiopulmonary arrest at 23:11.[1] The standby team of BioPreservation then took care of him.[1]

Gallagher was transferred to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation on January 24, 2001.[1] His CryoCare identifier is C-2150 and Alcor identifier is A-1871.[1]


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