Janice Foote

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Janice Foote in 1967

Janice Foote (legal death on about January 17, 1980)[1] is a patient who was cryopreserved by Trans Time in January 1980 when she was 35 or 36 years old.[1][2] Originally a whole-body patient, she encountered funding problems, so she was neuroconverted into a neuropreservation patient in late 1983.[1][3]

She legally died suddenly in January 1980 following numerous chronic illnesses including profound immune deficiency, multiple opportunistic infections, adenocarcinoma of the throat, therapeutic radiation overdose, idiopathic liver disease, and an unclassified central nervous system myelopathy.[2] Since legal death was sudden and remote from cryonics facilities there was approximately a 24-hour delay before the start of perfusion during which time thorough external cooling with ice was carried out.[2]

Following the neuroconversion in 1983, the rest of the remains of her and two other patients were thawed and examined for whatever could be learned about the cryopreservations that had occurred years before.[3] In post-mortem reports she is referred to as Patient 3 (P3).[2][3][4] The other two are now at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, and she is with another organization,[3] possibly Trans Time.


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