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Josh Habka is an analog astronaut, science communicator, biohacker, and CEO of Astrochain.[1]


Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Habka now resides in Melbourne, Florida, pursuing a bachelor of science in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Master of Science in Commercial Enterprise in Space at the Florida Institute of Technology. Habka is also a scientist-astronaut candidate at the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences (IIAS), pursing professional training in applied astronautics.

Habka is the Chief Executive Officer of Astrochain, a US-based space research company developing blockchain applications for astronomical data and science communication. "AstroChain is the first decentralized platform to create a blockchain database of astronomy captures to promote education, scientific research, and innovation."[2]

Involvement in cryonics[edit]

It is likely that Habka is a registered whole-body "cryonicist" at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation from interactions in the Cryosphere, a topical cryonics Discord server.

Josh Habka purchased the Internet domain "" (not affiliated with the Cryonics Wiki) and registered it on November 30, 2023, according to historical data on the International Biohacking Community webpage on the Internet Archive under "our domains". Other domains included, but not limited to:,,,, There is no webpage presence of the domain as of April 27, 2024.

International Biohacking Community[edit]

Habka is the founder of the International Biohacking Community, a structured online network of people in the biohacking and transhumanism community across several social media platforms. The International Biohacking Community has become known for its rapid adoption across platforms like Reddit and Discord, in addition to having an independent blog and forum website.

International Biohacking Community Presence
Forum Blog Reddit Discord Telegram
Forum Blog r/Biohacking The Biohacker Lounge The Biohacker Lounge
r/LifeExtension Life Extension
r/Immortality Grinding
r/WimHof WHM Cold Immersion
Transhumanism Community

Cybernetics Shop[edit]

Habka created a website in July 2022 called "Cybernetics Shop" which was a website which promoted NFC and RFID implantable technologies made by companies like Dangerous Things and CYBR, a speculated in-house manufacturer of epidermal electronics systems, NFC/RFID implantable devices, smart contacts, biomagnets, "augmentations", and "services". The viability of the products and services offered on the website at the time was contested in the biohacking community. The status of Cybernetics Shop is unknown as of April 2024.[3]


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