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The KrioRus leadership controversy is an ongoing battle over the KrioRus leadership and its patients. The controversy began in October-November 2019, when, dissatisfied with her activities, a group of KrioRus founders (including her former husband Danila Medvedev)[1] wanted to remove the KrioRus director ("president") Valeriya Udalova from her position.[2] Udalova had been the KrioRus director since June 2009.[3][2]


A cryocapsule being taken out from KrioRus' Sergiyev Posad facility on September 7, 2021

On October 20, 2019, an unofficial meeting of the KrioRus founders took place, where most of the founders expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of Udalova, and expressed their desire to change the director, according to the website run by Medvedev's group.[2]

On November 23, 2019, an official meeting of the KrioRus founders was held, where, according to Medvedev's group, 60% of the founders voted for the removal of Udalova and the appointment of Andrey Shvedko as the new director.[2] Shvedko had worked as the vice director of KrioRus for a few years.[4] Udalova admitted that Shvedko was elected by a majority of the votes present.[5] However, according to Udalova, Shvedko later withdrew his candidacy, citing the fact that he was misled – according to Udalova, he was told that Udalova would not object to his election, which turned out to be wrong.[5] Udalova considered her removal to be illegitimate[4] and claimed still to be the director, since there were no other applicants for the position.[5]

Some days before the November meeting, according to Medvedev, Udalova had took some KrioRus patients with her to an undisclosed location, registered a new company called KriuRus, renamed it to KrioRus to resemble the original KrioRus, and transferred the original KrioRus' contracts to the new company owned wholly by her.[2][4]

On June 17, 2021, Danila Medvedev, Alexey Samykin, and Dmitry Kvasnikov founded a new cryonics organization, Open Cryonics.[2]

On September 7, 2021,[6][7] Udalova's team came to Sergiyev Posad to take the three big cryocapsules (with patients inside them) with her to her cryonics facility in Tver Oblast, but the police stopped them, and the cryocapsules were returned.[8][9][10]

On September 28, 2021, Open Cryonics took the neuropatients from Udalova's facility-in-progress in Tver.[11]

In the end of November 2021, Udalova's team managed to take the three big cryocapsules from Sergiyev Posad to Tver.[12][13]

Formal directorship status[edit]

Udalova has changed the bylaws of KrioRus in 2017, now requiring a quorum of 70% for calling a meeting for firing a director, effectively preventing changing the director. The signatures of the company owners in the protocol of the meeting where these changes were approved, were forged. There is a case in the Moscow Arbitration Court contesting the protocol.[14]

In the summer of 2018, Udalova pretended to hold a meeting where her term of office was extended by three years. The signatures were again forged, meaning she had no legal authority starting from 2018. In 2021, even this term extension ended, meaning that since 2021 she has even less legal authority, not even questionable.

There is a case in the Moscow Arbitration Court for removal of Udalova as a director and as an owner.[15]


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