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LUCAS is a mechanical chest compression device.[1][2] In cryonics, it is used to re-establish blood circulation and oxygenation in cryonics patients following cardiac arrest.[1] LUCAS is developed and manufactured by Jolife AB in Lund, Sweden.[3] LUCAS is an acronym derived from Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System.[4]

Like the modified Michigan Instruments "thumper" that is used in cryonics, the LUCAS delivers active compression-decompression cardiopulmonary support by pneumatically compressing and decompressing the chest between a suction cup and the backboard at a consistent rate of 100 compressions per minute and a compression depth of about 4–5 cm (depending on patient body weight).[2] According to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation website, some clear advantages of the LUCAS include price, size (< 445 mm), and weight (6.5 kg), but some limitations include the lack of an integrated ventilation option, necessitating a separate ventilator, and a sternum height range of 17–27 cm, preventing its use on obese patients.[2]

Alcor acquired the LUCAS in early 2003.[2] As of 2006, the LUCAS is currently the default CPS device in the Alcor rescue vehicle.[2] Also Tomorrow Biostasis has the LUCAS.[5]


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