List of SST providers

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SST Organization [a] Storage Organization Options Areas Covered Costs (USD)
Alcor [1] Self, likely exclusively Arizona [b] Bundled with storage and membership costs
Cryonics America/Osiris [2] Self, likely exclusively USA Bundled with storage and membership costs
Cryonics Germany [3] Self, others European Union Not listed
Cryonics Institute “Local Help Rider” [4] Cryonics Institute International $5,000 USA, $15,000 "overseas"
Cryonics UK [5] Cryonics Institute, KrioRus United Kingdom Costs vary, but cases so far have been "below £20,000" ($25,019 USD) for SST & preservation. Membership is typically £20/month, but varies depending on living situation and training, and reduces over time
Cryonics UK - for Alcor Alcor United Kingdom The costs seem to be bundled with preservation and storage with Alcor [c]
CryoPath - for Australia [6] Southern Cryonics Australia (presumably) Estimated - $22,630 (AUS$ - 34,000)
CryoPath - for Overseas Alcor, CI Australia (presumably) Estimated - $33,280 (AU$ - 50,000)
International Cryomedicine Experts [7] Alcor, Cryonics Institute, likely others Worldwide $10,000+ international; $2,500/day standby
KrioAsia [8] KrioRus South Korea [d] $137,800 (180 million won; "add 5 million won each year after 5 years") [e]
KrioRus [9] Self Russia (presumably), likely other locations too Variable cost depending on location and other factors, no specific quote given on the website
Minnesota Cryonics Rapid Response [10] Alcor, Cryonics Institute Eventually Minnesota, currently seems to not be active N/A
Open Cryonics [11] Self Russia (presumably), possibly other locations too Bundled with storage costs [f]
Oregon Cryonics [12] Self, likely exclusively People living in or near Salem, Oregon Unofficial volunteer services provided at no cost
Suspended Animation, Inc. [13] Alcor, Cryonics Institute Continental USA $8,250 - $30,000+ standby, $30,000 stabilization & transport for Cryonics Institute
Tomorrow Biostasis [14] European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) Europe Bundled with storage costs
Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute [15] Self, likely exclusively Presumably areas of China, unclear Not listed on associated websites
Dutch Cryonics Organization [16] Alcor, Cryonics Institute The Netherlands, presumably [h] Active member (assisting with preservations) for $109/year (€100/year), passive member for $218/year (€100/year)
Asociacion Criónica Española [17] Flexible about long-term storage organizations The Iberian Peninsula Unknown
  • Please note that this list may contain inaccuracies or may be outdated. It is accurate to the best of our current understanding as of June 27, 2023. For the most updated information, please visit the organization website and/or contact them.

[a]: SST stands for Standby, Stabilization, and Transport. Usually, SST refers to the following three components:

  • Standby: The team is waiting at the location of a patient who is gravely ill and likely to legally die soon, which can last for hours or days until legal death is confirmed.
  • Stabilization: After legal death is declared, the SST team stabilizes the patient, for example placing them in an ice bath to lower their body temperature, administering medication, and initiating the perfusion of cryoprotective agents to prevent ice crystal formation.
  • Transportation: Once the patient has been stabilized, the SST team transports the patient for additional preservation procedures and/or to a long-term storage facility.

[b]: For Alcor's own SST services, it is funded by membership dues, only available within Arizona, and living near Scottsdale is said to be ideal. For longer-distance SST, they contract with other organizations.

[c]: Either the Cryonics UK team or the Alcor team or both will be dispatched. Costs are bundled with Alcor's pricing and SST may be at no additional cost, it's not totally clear from the website.

[d]: Their website reports that they are planning to expand to "many Asian countries" in the future.

[e]: It is unclear from the website what service KrioAsia is providing. Given the high cost, it may be more than pure SST, and actually include preservation and long-term storage costs, although this is unclear.

[f]: The quote "expect the arrival of the 'Open Cryonics' team" here implies that they do the SST themselves.

[g]: The Oregon Cryonics website notes: "Any local standby services are currently provided unofficially on a volunteer basis." Their website notes that people living remotely can work with a third-party funeral director to provide preservation and transport services.

[h]: The website for the Dutch Cryonics Organization is a bit outdated, so it is unclear if they are still active.