List of long-term care providers

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This is a list of long-term care providers, organizations that store cryonics patients in their facilities.

Please note that this list may contain inaccuracies or may be outdated. It is accurate to the best of our current understanding as of December 1, 2023.

Name Location (most recent) Year founded Year failed For profit? Intake Transfers out Lost Notes
Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation Phoenix, Arizona, USA 1965 c. 1968 Yes 5 1 (James Bedford) 4 Except the one transferred in, all stored for "cosmetic reasons".
Cryonics Society of New York (CSNY) New York, USA 1965 c. 1974 No 7 0 7 Technically storage via Cryospan. Failed shortly after the preservation of Michael Baburka Sr.
Cryonics Society of California (CSC) Los Angeles, California, USA 1966 c. 1979 No c. 12 1 (James Bedford) c. 11 Technically storage via Cryonic Interment and later General Fluidics. 9 people were thawed at Chatsworth, most or all of whom seem to have been under CSC's care, but CSC seems to have done some other storage projects too, so this number is unclear/approximate
Alcor Life Extension Foundation Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 1972 N/A (still active) No 222 0 c. 1
Trans Time San Leandro, California, USA 1972 N/A (still active) Yes? c. 5 Multiple ? Provided services for an unclear number of patients for Alcor and ACS, which are not being counted here.
Cryonics Institute Clinton Township, Michigan, USA 1976 N/A (still active) No 247 0 0
CryoCare Foundation California 1993 1999 No 2 2 (transferred to Alcor in 2001) 0 Only stored via CryoSpan
Neural Archives Foundation Australia 2005 N/A (still active) No 11 0 0
Oregon Cryonics Salem, Oregon, USA 2005 N/A (still active) No 16 0 0
KrioRus Russia 2006 N/A (still active) Unclear 95 1 0 KrioRus is dealing with a faction split and it is unclear how many patients are stored with the company now called KrioRus and with Open Cryonics. Per Open Cryonics as of 2021, all the patients are still preserved despite the split. One person is stored on separate private property and is included in the total they give on their site, but it is unclear how involved KrioRus is with this patient.
Southern Cryonics Holbrook, New South Wales, Australia 2012
2023 (facility)
N/A (still active) No 0 0 0
Cryonics Germany Germany 2015 N/A (still active) No 1+ 0? 0? Brain-only storage. No indication on the website that they have done any storage, but unclear.
Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute Jinan, Shandong, China 2015 N/A (still active) Unclear 16 0 0
Cryonics America Miami, Florida, USA 2015
2016 (facility)
N/A (still active) Yes 6 0 0
European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) Rafz, Switzerland 2019
2022 (facility)
N/A (still active) No 1+ 0 0
Open Cryonics Russia 2021 N/A (still active) Unclear (unable to find this information on their website) 1 0 0