Luna Wilson

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Luna Wilson

Patricia Luna Wilson (c. 1961 – legal death October 2, 1976) was a 15-year-old murder victim whose brain was cryopreserved. She was the daughter of Robert Anton Wilson and Arlen Riley Wilson.

She was murdered while working at a clothing store in Berkeley, California by a thief who repeatedly hit her in the head with a credit card machine.[1][2]


Luna's parents decided to cryopreserve her brain to say no to death. They intended this as a way to preserve her life and to make a statement against the person who took her life to steal a few dollars.[2] They hope that she will be able to live again through cloning and preservation of her memories stored in her brain.[3][4]

Luna's brain was recovered by the Bay Area Cryonics Society and frozen by Trans Time.[5] She is the first brain-only cryonics patient in the world (without the skull being preserved)[5] and the second neuropreservation patient in overall, after Fred Chamberlain Jr.

Her parents died without being cryopreserved (mother Arlen Riley in 1999 and father Robert Anton in 2007).