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An acid-free box of Underground Vaults and Storage, used by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation

In cryonics, a memory box is a box where cryopatient's personal memory items and other belongings are held. The items will be used to augment the patient's memories after the possible revival. Some of the most popular items that have been placed into storage are such things as letters, cards, photographs, diaries, journals, notebooks, books, clippings, army records, directories, recipes, video tapes, cassettes, medical records, flash drives, and external drives.[1]

Alcor Life Extension Foundation[edit]

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation makes available to every member and patient, without charge, one acid-free Memory Box about the size of a standard banker's box (H10" x W12" x L15") for memorabilia to be stored underground at a commercial storage site called Underground Vaults and Storage (UGVS) in Kansas, United States.[1] Additional Boxes are a one-time charge of $250 each for perpetual storage.[1]

Cryonics Institute[edit]

The Cryonics Institute also stores patients' belongings.[2]


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