Michael Baburka Sr.

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Michael Baburka Sr. (legal death on April 10, 1974)[1] was the seventh and last person cryopreserved by the Cryonics Society of New York.[2]


Michael Baburka Sr. was a 62-year-old who lived in the New York area.[1] He suffered a fatal heart attack on April 10, 1974.[1] His son, Michael Jr., contacted CSNY, and the freezing was carried out.[1] It appears that immediately or very soon the encapsulated patient was returned to the son who arranged for maintenance on his own.[1]

More than three years later, in October 1977, a Lebanon Daily News article[3] reported that the father was still being maintained in a miniwarehouse by his son who periodically added liquid nitrogen to the $5,000 capsule, which evidently was horizontal and (unusually) equipped with a see-through window.[1] A permit to take care of the body had been obtained from the Borough of Brooklyn.[1]

At some time subsequent to this (details undetermined, presumably soon) the maintenance was terminated and Michael Sr., still in his MVE capsule, was buried in Potter’s Field on Long Island Sound.[1][4][note 1]


  1. Baburka was maintained for several years rather than just a few months as Mike Darwin states in Chronosphere (February 12, 2011).