Sarah Gilbert

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An approximate face reconstruction of "Sarah Gilbert" based on archival photos

"Sarah Gilbert" (legal death c. February 1966)[1] is the possible name of a woman who was cryopreserved by the Cryo-Care Equipment Corporation on April 22, 1966.[1][2] This was the first instance of a human being frozen with at least some thought of the cryonics premise of eventual revival, though conditions were adverse and prospects discouraging, as was admitted.[3][4] She was cryopreserved almost a year before James Bedford.

Cryo-Care did not use cryoprotectants or perfusion with their patients but only did straight freezes to liquid nitrogen temperature.[3] These freezings were advertised as being for cosmetic purposes rather than eventual reanimation.[3] But, her relatives had an interest in her preservation for future revival and not just cosmetic preservation.[1] However, Ed Hope, the president of Cryo-Care, did not believe in her revival.[4]

Her anonymity was desired by her family.[5] The patient, a still-unidentified, middle-aged woman from the Los Angeles area, was placed in liquid nitrogen some two months after being embalmed and stored at slightly above-freezing temperature in a mortuary refrigerator.[3] Within a year she was thawed and buried by relatives.[3]


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