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Steve Bridge

Stephen W. "Steve" Bridge[1][2] is a former president of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, from 1993 to 1997,[3] and he also is a former vice president of Alcor.[4] A graduate of DePauw University and Indiana University,[1] he is a retired librarian in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he lives with his family.[1]

Bridge became involved in cryonics in 1977.[1] He was the co-founder and original co-editor of the Cryonics magazine.[1] He led Alcor's move to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1994 and was the chief architect of the Alcor Patient Care Trust.[1] As of 2016, he was an Alcor advisor and co-manager of Cryonics Property, LLC which owns the building that houses Alcor and its patients.[1]

With Aschwin de Wolf, he is the co-editor of Alcor's book Preserving Minds, Saving Lives (2015).[1]


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