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The Trans Time facility in San Leandro, California

Trans Time, Inc. is an American cryonics organization founded in 1972.[1] It was founded as a for-profit perfusion service provider for the Bay Area Cryonics Society (the current American Cryonics Society).[2] Trans Time's facility was located in Emeryville, California as of July 1977,[3] in Berkeley, California as of 1981,[4] and currently it is located in San Leandro, California.[1] The name "Trans Time" was inspired by Trans World Airlines, a prominent airline at the time.[2] Art Quaife was the first Trans Time president, from 1972 to 1998.[5]

Initially the Alcor Life Extension Foundation did not cryopreserve or store patients on its own but used Trans Time for both services.[6] Both BACS and Alcor intended to store patients in New York, but in 1974 Trans Time was forced to create its own long-term care facility due to the closure of the facility in New York.[2] Until the 1980s, all BACS and Alcor patients were kept in liquid nitrogen at Trans Time.[2]

According to SFGATE, Trans Time has three patients as of 2015;[7] according to NBC News, four patients as of 2018;[8] and according to CBS News, five patients as of 2019.[9] Trans Time's patients include or included A-1056, James Bedford,[10] Sam Berkowitz,[11] Janice Foote,[12] Bredo Morstøl, Lucille Rothacker,[13] Paul Segall,[7] and Luna Wilson.


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