Valeriya Udalova

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Valeriya Udalova

Valeriya Viktorovna Udalova (Russian: Валерия Викторовна Удалова) (née Kiyanova;[1] born May 23, 1960),[2] also known by her pseudonym Valeriya Pride, is a Russian transhumanist and cryonicist. She is a co-founder of KrioRus.[3][4] In June 2009, she became the KrioRus director ("president"),[3][4] however her legitimacy has been questioned since the end of 2019.[4]

Danila Medvedev is her former husband.[5] Her mother, Lyubov Chernaya, was cryopreserved in September 2008.[1] Udalova's dog, Alice, was cryopreserved in January 2008, becoming the first dog ever cryopreserved in Russia.[3][6]


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